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Garamond Premier Pro had its genesis in 1988 when Adobe Principal Designer Robert Slimbach visited the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, to study their collection of Claude Garamond's metal punches and type designs. Garamond, a French punchcutter, produced a refined array of book types in the mid-1500s that combined an unprecedented degree of balance and elegance, and stand as a pinnacle of beauty and practicality in typefounding. While fine-tuning Adobe Garamond (released in 1989) as a useful design suited to modern publishing, Slimbach started planning an entirely new interpretation of Garamond's designs based on the large range of unique sizes he had seen at the Plantin-Moretus, and on the comparable italics cut by Robert Granjon, Garamond's contemporary. By modeling Garamond Premier Pro on these hand-cut type sizes, Slimbach has retained the varied optical size characteristics and freshness of the original designs, while creating a practical 21st-century type family. Garamond Premier Pro contains an extensive glyph complement, including central European, Cyrillic and Greek characters, and is offered in five weights ranging from light to bold.

To learn more about Garamond Premier Pro, refer to the family landing page.

Garamond Premier Pro family contains faces designed for the following optical sizes:

  • Caption: design size 8.0 points, for use from 5.9 to 8.9 points
  • Body Text: design size 11.0 points, for use from 8.9 to 14.9 points
  • Subhead: design size 18.0 points, for use from 14.9 to 22.9 points
  • Display: design size 36.0 points, for use from 22.9 to 72.0 points

Please see Adobe Type Optical Sizes for a discussion of the use of fonts designed for different optical sizes.

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