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Conceived alongside his recent extension of Carol Twombly's Trajan family, Adobe Principal designer Robert Slimbach set out to create a distinctly modern sans-serif display type family that retains the elegance and versatility of the original design. The new san-serif variation exhibits less stroke contrast than its seriffed counterpart, with stylized flared stroke endings that suggest v-shaped terminals cut in stone. While there are several fine san-serif typefaces on the market that are inspired by the monumental capitals of ancient Rome, Trajan Sans is unique in its fidelity to the form of the highly-regarded letters inscribed at the base of the Trajan column. The family is offered in six weights ranging from Light to Extra Bold, with language coverage for Pan-European Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Trajan Sans can be used to convey a sense of permanence, elegance, and modernity in a variety of display titles and signage.

Carol Twombly
Robert Slimbach

Small Caps & Old Style Figures
Adobe Originals
OpenType Pro
Cyrillic Extended
Sans Serif

Trajan is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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